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Monday, October 30, 2006

Democrat nose-dive

With one week remaining in the campaign it appears the nationwide Democrat advantage is starting to evaporate. Patty Wetterling's hope in the 6th district now seems to be gone; Colleen Rowley's campaign appears to be as good as over. Keith Ellison's sure thing victory is no longer a sure thing. Tim Walz and Mike Hatch remain their two rays of hope but Hatch is busy taking all sides of all issues, and turning independent voters off, while Walz does not appear to have what it takes to get over the top.

Across the nation it also does not appear the Democrat advantage is as strong as originally thought. No doubt they will pick up seats, but the hope of taking over both the House and Senate and challenging president Bush seems to be dwindling.

Why is this nosedive happening? Debates, while we as a nation want to get out of Iraq, and want better roads, schools, healthcare, renewable energy, and an environmental objective that the liberal agenda tends to better promote, democrats nation wide are not able to convince the voters that they have a worthwhile plan to accomplish these bold goals. This is why the Independence Party exists, anybody can tell you what the agenda needs to be, but it takes someone that can explain how that agenda can be accomplished to lead. We did not see that from John Kerry, we have not seen it from the Democrats in congress, and we are not seeing it from Mike Hatch.

What a world of difference it would be if Democrats accepted the fact that voters are looking for meaningful change, not only away from the Republicans, but also away from politics as usual. Until they understand this, they will continue to allow the Republicans to promote a more and more extreme agenda.

If and when voters choose Peter Hutchinson over Mike Hatch or Tammy Lee over Keith Ellison it won't always be because they are choosing Independence over Democrat, it will be because in rejecting the DFL they are avoiding the Republicans. When the DFL once again blows an election they will point fingers at Peter Hutchinson and possibly John Binkowski, but they will lose because Mike Hatch and Patty Wetterling are severely flawed candidates. In fact the reality is polls are suggesting Peter Hutchinson is helping Mike Hatch, so beyond blaming Independence rather then themselves, they will also be ignoring the reality that the Independence presence is benefiting the DFL.


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