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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheres Keith

No Keith Ellison sighting at the University of Minnesota homecoming parade today, nor did he have a volunteer base promoting his campaign. No pressence at the dome this morning by the Ellison campaign either, and no real pressence at all be it lawn signs, rallies, TV ads or anything else. I understand he assumed victory after the primary, but as Tammy Lee is approaching him, and about to pass him you would think he would get his army of supporters active again.

You can see in the blogs the Ellison campaign is running scared as they make a coward like attempt to lable Tammy Lee and her supporters as racisists. Keith himself doesn't seem to get it. Of course this is the guy that doesn't understand taxes are due April 15th or that we have parking laws, and when you break them you need to send a check somewhere, so maybe Keith simply is unaware that their is a general election to go along with the primary election.


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