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Friday, November 03, 2006

The Rest of my endorsements

No surprises here

Governor Peter Hutchinson
US Senate Robert Fitzgerald
Congress 5th district Tammy Lee
State Auditor Lucy Gerold
Attorney General John James
Secretary of State Joel Spoonhiem

And my 2nd choices cause why the heck not promote Instant Run-off Voting, while at the same time reveal that I don't fit into the myth theories that a vote for Hutchinson is otherwise a vote for Mike Hatch

Governor Tim Pawlenty
US Senate Amy Klobuchar
Congress 5th district I suppose Jay Pond although outside of Tammy Lee I don't see a competent candidate on the ballot
State Auditor Rebecca Otto
Attorney General Jeff Johnson
Secretary of State Bruce Kennedy


Blogger Jay Pond said...

thanks for the mention - as one of the four candidates on the ballot I'm amazed at how during the last two weeks of the campaign I've been completely ignorned by the media. Even though I polled 6% last election against Mr. Sabo, I was told by the League of Women's Voters that I couldn't participate in the only televised debate (KSTP). Our institutions are failing us if we can so indiscriminately take away the rights of individuals to run for office. It is an injustice to all people not to have all voices included. Jay Pond, Green Party Candidate for Congress

Blogger mike said...

While from a strictly stratigic standpoint it is better for IP candidates, and for that matter Democrats and Republicans, to limit the # of debate participants it is indeed appaling that you were left out of so manny debates.

Major party status is a fair cutting off point in most cases, however when a candidate for the office you seek (the fact that you were that candidate only makes this point stronger) met the major party threshold, theres no good reason not to reward that party for that office going forward.

Good luck on Tuesday and make sure to have fun, no matter how the #'s turn out.


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