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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A voters responsibility

No matter how many try to sway you otherwise a voter is only being responsible if they vote for their first choice. The Democrats and Republicans will beg independents to leave what they know is the right choice so that the evil Hatchlenty does not win, as we all know Hatchlenty will kill babies and rape seniors and so it is up to you to vote for Hatchlenty in order to avoid this scenario.

Elections are not games, they effect real people. If you vote based on the polls you in effect give your vote away, and allow others to control multiple votes. Votes are the most effective tool in our system, by voting for your 2nd choice you in effect silencing yourself, as well as one other person who has the conviction to stay with your 1st choice.

Instant run off voting exists, it can be implemented at anytime with the approval of the current power brokers, their avoidance of IRV should tell you who they think Minnesotan's first choice should be, it's the same first choice you've already concluded.

On November 7th I highly recommend you go out and vote for your first choice. If not the idea of spending an extra 20 minutes with the family working a little overtime or getting a little exercise seem to make more sense then going out and approving of more shutdowns, more stadium taxes, and more bitterness at the capital.


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