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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Team Minnesota

While I don't expect the Independence Party will be able to keep all of team Minnesota and staff on board on a regular basis, it is clear many are willing to take major roles with the party going forward. Most seem to be willing to stay active within the Independence Party movement in some way rather then jumping ship. It would not take much skilled help to create a more active Independence Party in the publics eye as fundraising can pick up if a strong effort by skilled fundraisers is made.

I'm unaware of what role Team Minnesota candidates outside of Peter Hutchinson want to take, but they can also continue to represent a strong face to the party assuming they stay on board.

Until a candidate for US Senate emerges it will be the new party leadership that makes the greatest impact on the future of the Independence Party, and those newcomers who come from the campaign staff of Team Minnesota or for that matter Tammy Lee, will be best fit to bring energy and experiance to the Independence Party effort.


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