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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blaming Tammy Lee?

Just to let those blaming Tammy Lee for their opportunity to view the unspeakable Chris Stewart created racist web site know, it was Chris Stewart that wanted the web site to become public. Tammy Lee simply allowed you to see the web site on her terms, not Stewarts.
The rhetoric against Tammy Lee seems to be that calling Keith Ellison on his unpaid parking tickets or lack of responsibility in paying his taxes year after year is a form of racism, and thus that made it fair to manipulate her campaign web site into something that suggested she was a member of the klu Klux Klan. This of course is silly, as any political candidate with a record of irresponsibility such as Ellison will be called on it.

I didn't see anyone make any accusations against Patty Wetterling when she made up Michelle Bachmann's record, nobody called Tim Pawlenty a child molester when he made up Mike Hatch's record, but still some think it's fair game to call Tammy Lee a racist because she referred to Keith Ellison's record. In politics nothing is completely off limits, in fact if someone thinks Tammy Lee is a racist it is fair game to make that case, but you don't get to make up the facts without being held accountable.

Lets be perfectly clear here had the information on Stewart's actions been made public long enough prior to the election for the media and public to digest it he would have been defeated. He was able to hide his actions long enough though and won the election, but the public outrage didn't go away simply because the election had passed.

A few hacks writing letters to the editor blaming Tammy Lee for this chain of events do not change Chris Stewart's sad reality. The ball is now in Stewart's hands, he can either hijack the Minneapolis school boards ability to do the people's work or he can resign.

As someone who saw the web site before damage control began, as well as the blog post and comments that came from Stewart that went with it, I can tell you this was anything but satire. If someone thought Tammy Lee was a racist they wouldn't think it was funny, instead they would find legitimate means to expose her.


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