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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Going forward

Every seat in congress is up for grabs again, every seat in the state house is also up for grabs, Norm Coleman's US Senate seat is in play, and Minnesota's Independence party will be a huge part of these races. The 2008 election cycle has started, the Democrat wave of 06 is over, they now have to go to St Paul and Washington and impress the voters, and that's easier said then done.

But more important what's out of play? The DFL having any credibility talking about wasting a vote on an Independence Party candidate in 08'. Why? Because the DFL now has enough seats in the state house and senate to bring forward Instant Run off voting. If their worried about the Independence Party taking votes away from them they will bring IRV forward statewide. With or without IRV though candidates like Tammy Lee, John Binkowski along with others like them who have yet to emerge will have a credible voice in any race they run in. Peter Hutchinson along with the rest of his running mates brought a level of credibility to the party that has never been had before.

The ground force has been upgraded, the fundraising base has been upgraded. While others will look at vote total in one race and see the IP on the decline all meaningful party building factors were upgraded significantly in the last twelve months. Am I ready to say the Independence Party will take a seat in congress in 08 or win the Governors race in 10? Not yet, but I am ready to say the hopes in 08 are better then they were this year, and the party accomplished a lot this year despite a fall in the Governor #'s.

I look forward to the candidates that will come forward for the next cycle, I look forward to working with Robert Fitzgerald, Tammy Lee, and John Binkowski, and Peter Hutchinson to put a strong face on this party in the media. And I look forward to the party of the Bison, the party that is represented by the color orange, to continue to become more of a political party and less of a vehicle for political independents.

I told current Party chair Jim Moore when I first met him on my 24th birthday just under 4 years ago that I have 50 years to give this party. I now have a little more then 46 years to give this party, I expect to be a member of one of this nations two biggest parties before all is said and done, and I won't be changing parties to do that.


Blogger Vemrion said...

Hey Mike. Thanks for your comment. Congratulations on the election. I think the Independence party faired pretty well considering the landscape. I'm hoping for even better results next time around.

I forgot to mention in my post how the Republicrats join together to stand against "minor" parties. I think you can win by connecting with people who don't vote -- people who feel they don't have a voice. That's the key to success in mind... Well, that and IRV!

Stay indepedent!

Blogger Sank said...

I'm intrigued by the positions of the party, agree with you 100% that the credibility is improved, especially at the very top, the Hutchinson was a the best of the candidates out there by a long shot and earned my vote, had I lived in the 5th I would have also vote for Tammy.

I spent the "season" working on a strong DFL candidate for State House who is the first DFL Candidate to win an election in the district in decades, so change is possible. But, even supporting the DFL I've got tons of issues with lunatic fringe of the Dems, Rowley? a train wreck as predicited. Out of touch

My biggest concern is makeing a clear differentiation for a third party that really get voters to get behind them, and how to communicate that information out to the masses. I hope to see a much better showing in 2008, hopefully with a seat or two in the State house or senate.

Great work and congratulations.


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