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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Last night

There were times early when I expected great things, but going into the final weeks of this election we knew the writing was on the wall, we would not win a anywhere unless a lot of suprises happened in the 5th district. Still this party in the final weeks of the campaign did not go backwards as third parties typically do the final weeks of losing efforts, Peter Hutchinson who polled as low as 4% maintained his support at 6%, John Binkowski who was off the radar the entire campaign steadily climbed all the way through last night when he finished at 8%. Tammy Lee created the kind of excitement and momentum that is rarley seen, but unfortanatly the DFL doesn't lose in the 5th no matter who they run.

Last night expections were met, which is a sign that the Independence Party is no longer a third party. It may often finish third, but last night while not creating much excitement did confirm this party is here to stay as long as we want to keep it here, and based on the crowd last night, a decision by a few dozen people to hang it up will not kill this party like it might have eight years ago had Jesse Ventura been defeated.


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