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Sunday, November 19, 2006

The political lull

Without this Chris Stewart story I would be left with nothing. I'm not gonna go after Keith Ellison or Michele Bachmann unless they do something completly unexpected. I don't really care what big names want to run for president as the race doesn't start until the newcomer governor types make their way on the media's radar. I still don't know what's going to happen now that the Democrats have so much power in Minnesota, and have taken away Republican controll in Washington.

The big question's I have won't be answered for at least a few months, how high is minumum wage going up? Is there still support for a Viking stadium? And despite Tim Pawlenty's indication that he would deal with it different than with the Twins is he going to be as pro stadium as anyone? And will the voters voice be heard in Iraq anytime soon?

As for the Independence Party it's all about getting some legislative candidates lined up and ready to go for 08' sooner than later, as well as a fundraising machine heading into the 08' Senate race. A strong national independent voice in the presidential race would help big time. Otherwise it's time for the party to iron out the platform a little more, reeveluate where we're headed in a few areas, notably determine if we need to define ourselves as something other than the party for independents.


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