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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tim Penny

Tim Penny is making a little noise again advicing the Democrat controlled congress. We can hope the Democrats follow his advice, and continue on that path by bringing forth a rational candidate to run for Senate in 08, but if not Tim Penny seems ready to be the voice of reason.

Penny had an overwhelming voice of power within the Independence Party up until the start of the 2006 election cycle. Now that he is no longer the "king" of the party, I feel he has a greater opportunity for meaningful influence within the party and beyond. I would still feel better if someone else of similar status was our candidate for US Senate in 08' but Penny should be a guiding voice for us toward that Senate race, and if he wants to run I'll be more then happy to have the opportunity to endorse him.

If I had my way he would run for state house in 08' and would be a strong favorite to win that race, the party needs a strong force of State House candidates in 08' and if someone like Tim Penny leads the way it will make it much easier for others to follow.


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