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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

If you don't know, don't vote

Anyone can go vote, but only an educated vote makes this a better place. If your not willing to commit youself to it, then please don't vote.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

My Soil Water board Vote

Soil and Water board votes from me are well earned, they represent the worst Past votes

1998 Norm Coleman for saying Jesse Ventura can't win
2000 every presidential candidate with the exception of John Haiglen cause there were to many races to limit it to one
2002 Rick Kahn for the Wellstone memorial
2004 Mary Kiffmeyer for trying to knock 20 candidates off the ballot for no good reason (even if the law was on her side which it was not)
2006 Chris Stewart for his race baiting of Tammy Lee

2008 nominees Ralf Nader for having the gall to claim to be anti bailout in his radio ads when he has made a career out of trying to bail people out.

Al Franken can't pay his taxes, and can't simply admit an honest mistake.

Keith Oberman where his anger comes from I do not know but he needs to get over his hatred for Bill O'Reilly, maybe he should go back to ESPN where he will blend in better.

Barack Obama marrying a women who has never been proud of her country, going to church to see how many times the pastor can say god damn America, working with a guy who on 9-11-2001 said he should have bombed more American buildings.

Any other year Al Franken would have won the honor but I will be writing in Barack Obama's full name, he can change his middle name if it's a problem. The position of president requires a middle name from Richard Milhouse Nixon to John Quincey Adams to William Jefferson Clinton and George Walker Bush. If as president Barack Obama demands we don't use his middle name he disrespects the office something that there is no doubt in my mind he will do in more ways then just this if he is elected.


It appears outside of the constitutional ammendment I will once again be on the losing side of everything.

Taxes for things ammendment Fails with 57% voting to support it (needs 60 to pass) My vote HELL NO!!!
US Senate Norm Coleman 42% Al Franken slightly less then 42% Dean Barkley 16% My vote Dean Barkley
President national John McCain wins with something less then 290 EC votes
President Minnesota Barack Obama 49% John McCain 47% other 4% My vote, I'm writing in Ron Paul
State House 51A Caroline Laine 62% Tim Utz 38% my vote Tim Utz