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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jesse Ventura to speak at Paul rally

Jesse Ventura has been invited to speak at the Ron Paul Rally for the Republic next month at Target Center. Make no mistake Ventura is more of a fiscal Conservative then any statewide candidate the Republicans have ever offered us. As we stand today the only issue that should matter to Americans is the imbalance in the federal budget. It is the cause of record gas prices, it is the reason seemingly good ideas go nowhere.

As it stands today today we have the option of voting John McCain in an attempt to avoid the misguided path that Barack Obama would lead us down. A vote for John McCain will put us on a smoother path then Barack Obama but without real fiscal conservatism I'd rather feel pain as we head the wrong way so that no American can mistake it.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dean Barkley on Almanac

Dean Barkley will be appearing on Twin Cities Public Television's "Almanac" Friday night. This will be his first major opportunity to get his message out, hopefully he can take advantage and put some forward momentum into his campaign. I'm looking forward to the first blog postings regarding Barkley since the first few days following filing.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Full Dean Barkley website up

Now we have something, I like his message but it's a matter of taking his 5-8% support and building something from it. The debates will help and a esse Ventura apperance or two at the state fair could go a long ways but ultimatly if he's not polling above 15% primary day I'll go in another direction.

I love the Brett Favre lawn sign although I kind of feel like I'm in the minority as must people assume theres no chance he's coming to Minnesota and/or hate him for being a Packer.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Michael Bloomberg coming to town

It's a shame the Independence Party of Minnesota no longer remembers how to get the media to mention something such as the mayor of New York coming to town. It will be pretty easy to vote for Robert Fitzgerald if this sort of thing continues. By the way still no real web site for Dean Barkley, that tells me what I need to know about his commitment to this race.

It's left up to Jack Uldrich to keep me from voting in the DFL primary.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Dean Barkley to participate in Farm Fest debate

According to Minnesota Democrats Exposed Dean Barkley has accepted an invitation to debate at Farm Fest. No word on Jack Uldrich or Stephen Williams. It would be a little odd for them to decide Dean Barkley is the Independence Party candidate as he is not endorsed and is not by any means an overwhelming favorite to win the primary.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ron Paul convention!!!

While Norm "I gave $200 million to corporate hockey" Coleman, Tim Pawlenty, and John McCain pretend to be the alternative to Barack Obama in St Paul, a real political movement will continue across the river at the Target Center. Ron Paul will host the three day political convention, tickets for the main event Monday September 1st go on sale this Friday.

Hopefully a presence of Dean Barkley, or Jack Uldrich supporters can show that real change only happens if we change the way we vote.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Robert Fitzgerald website up

2006 Independence Party US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald is running an active campaign this time looking to knock off Al Franken in the DFL primary. Already Fitzgerald has a clear edge in terms of ability to pay his taxes, but the competition goes beyond just the untested Franken.

While I want to vote in the Independence Primary Fitzgerald with his decision to run DFL might present the best hope. I was kind of hoping Dean Barkley would have ran in the DFL primary if for no other reason to send the DFL the message that candidates that can't follow the law (Ellison, Entenza, Franken) have no right to major political office.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Where's Dean Barkley

Dean Barkley had to know there was a good chance he would run long prior to Jesse Ventura's decision Monday morning. While the major aspects of the campaign will come later I want to feel a reason to donate money to his campaign.

His website is bare, I have yet to receive a E-mail announcing his campaign, and I know of no events he's committed to attending, nor any that he is mad about not being invited (A Star Tribune article mentions both Coleman and Franken have committed to the Farmfest debate with no mention of any Independence Party even though endorsed candidate Stephen Williams is a farmer).

Barkley polled at 8% a couple months back, and should be slightly above that now, but I and most voters aren't going to support him simply because he is the replacement to Jesse Ventura. Unless I can see a path to victory for Barkley I will probably support Jack Uldrich although between now and the primary I plan on doing what I can to support both.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Independence Party primary tracker

I'll try to do these every time we see movement

Of course Stephen Williams has the endorsement which to some primary voters will be all that matters, so he can sort of be considered the bar setter, although it is would not be a shock to see one of the four lesser known candidates take him out of the top three.

Tuesday the media more or less gave the Independence Party ballot slot to Dean Barkley, but with the release of Jack Uldrich's web ad I have to think among those that come September will vote Independence Party it's really close between the two candidates. Barkley has not had a chance to pull ahead fundraising so if Uldrich can build off his first ad he has a great opportunity to pull ahead.

If the election was held today my best guess is Barkley would edge out Uldrich something along the lines of 42% to 35% Stephen Williams finishing 3rd with around 10%.

Estimated turnout 15,200 (2006 US Senate Primary turnout 10,695 with Governor primary being a key factor)

Jack Uldrich Web ad

If your still looking to vote for Norm Coleman or Al Franken watch this, maybe I shouldn't be so quick to assume Dean Barkley will be the Independence Party candidate. I will support both throughout the process.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ultimately Fundraising is what will elevate Dean Barkley's campaign to a higher level. Barkley already has the best ad man in the business in Bill Hillsman. A couple hundred thousand dollars gets the ball rolling and Dean on our TV's and radio's. From there the Sky's the limit. Anyone in the United States can donate.

The people of Minnesota are ready to do this again, they just need to know it's still possible.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Star Tribune article

The Star Tribune has a very positive article regarding Barkley's website claim that he's the most effective US Senator in state history.

The fact that Dean has US Senate experience is going to go a long ways in overcoming the usual third party obstacles. While he will be just one of 100 he proved that an independent can be effective. This also gives him the national credibility to bring in a few extra out of state donations, and late if he remains competitive might get him the national media exposure. And debate access is almost a given.

The attack machine is out hard on him for a reason, because he does represent fiscal conservatism in a race where very clearly the Democrats and Republicans do not deliver, and because Al Franken has the potential to free fall if any viable alternative presents itself be it in the primary or general election.

Website is up


Still in development but the must important parts of a campaign site are already up, fundraising and volunteer sign up.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to get involved

At this point those still commited to finishing what Ventura started should contact the party.

Website www.mnip.org
Phone (651)487-9700
Office: Located at 2486 University Ave W, where I-94 crosses University Ave in Saint Paul

More details on Barkleys campaign will come in the next few days.

Filing run down

7 candidates are in the Independence Party primary which is bad new in a non instant run off election. That being said having two very credible candiates in Barkley and Uldrich along with the endorsed candidate will provide reason to participate in the Independence Party primary.

2006 IP US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald also filed as a Democrat. I wish I could vote in both primaries as Robert Fitzgerald is very clearly more qualified then Franken.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Jack Uldrich considering entering US Senate primary

While a primary fight is usually seen as a bad thing it might be good for the Independence Party. Of course Stephen Williams also hasn't filed (I have a sneaking suspicion he might file for another office), so far 2 complete nobodies in Doug Williams and Bill Dahn have filed, along with Kurt Anderson who at least was at the Independence Party convention. We may very well see 6 or 7 candidates on the primary ballot by the end of the day tomorrow.

On the congressional front the Independence Party has candidates filed in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 6th districts. At the state level it's slim pickings with only 2 or 3 that might exceed 10%.

Can Barkley duplicate Jesse's support

Early polls showed Dean Barkley around 8% but that was before Jesse gained the movement momentum. If Jesse stands by his side he may very well be a factor, and with none of Ventura's baggage. The Democrats still have Franken the Republicans still have Coleman, and Barkley is a known and respected candidate.

Dean Barkley in

See you later Norm and Al a fiscal conservitive has entered the race!!!

Dean Barkley

The watch is now on for Dean Barkley. I can only hope that Ventura will campaign for him and bring a decent chunk of his support with him.

Independence Party website

I don't know if any current party leaders were in on his decision this morning, but the party website (http://www.mnip.org/) continues to add Ventura related content. 26 minutes and counting.

Primary challanges

So far Jesse has three primary challengers, and Stephen Williams has yet to file. While Ventura's November support will be strong September vote totals will not be great. That being said the more candidates the better as it makes an effort by the Democrats and Republicans to chase Ventura out more difficult. Lets hope beyond Ventura 2 or 3 more unknowns also file.

A decision has been made

Jesse revealed his decision this morning to Dean Barkley among others. I guess we'll all know in about two hours.

Todays the day

8 PM Central time on CNN's Larry King Live Jesse Ventura will announce his entrance into Minnesota's US Senate race. There is absolutely nothing suggesting he will not run despite what you read on other blogs. He's in this thing folks, and I have a sneaking suspicion he will be within the margin of error of Coleman in the first post announcement poll.

Al Frankens campaign ends tonight in all meaningful areas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008


So Jesse Ventura might only raise a few million? So what when Al and Norm are spending thousands of dollars a night to advertise on newscasts Jesse and his ads will be on those same newscasts for free. And the money will be there for Jesse, we know this time we can win but we also know that it will be a challange. The skys the limit fundraising wise if he was willing to let it. If not as a man of principal $1,020,000 will get him pretty far.

26 hours and counting

Lets review, about a month ago we heard that either Jesse or Dean Barkley would run, Barkley met with Ventura and the next day indicated he (Barkley) would not run. Since then every Ventura and Barkley media appearance has strongly suggested he will run, including the confirmation that he had not announced last week after the media jumped the gun. Friday he met with what basically will be his campaign team and discussed among other things fundraising and a web launch, oh and ad man Bill Hillsman was involved.

Those that suggest he will not run basically make three points, one he loves his life the way it is, two he won't run because he might not win, and three he's trying to sell books.

The only question I have is what's the title of that book, and how will it sell if he decides it's OK to start the revolution without him?


As the reports on Jesse Ventura continue many pundits and media members continue to pathetically discuss who he might hurt more Norm Coleman or Al Franken. The only intelligent answer is whoever wants the job more, as Jesse has a chance to win and thus decreases both his opponents chances at winning.

When a candidate is polling in the mid 20's and can reasonably assume a sizable bounce by entering the race the question is can he win and what will it take. Every poll I've seen thus far has the same candidate leading Norm Coleman, every election Ventura has participated in has had the same candidate winning. Al Franken is going to lose and always was, he doesn't know how to pay his taxes and in the end that will always matter.

It is clear the pundits bias is overwhelming their judgement, but then again if you either don't know what your talking about, or refuse to talk about what you know you can hardly be considered anything but a two party pundit who is out of their realm when dealing with anything else.

Quick update, I have still received no indication that Jesse will not run. It's been my belief for the last few weeks that Jesse was already organizing a campaign team. I would expect within minutes of his announcement the website will be up and fundraising will begin. While he says he will not spend over $1 million he can't stop money from coming in, he can only return it in the end, I think he can outraise Norm and Al combined from here on out.

It's called a money bomb and Ron Paul perfected it. Let the Ron Paul revolution continue.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ventura seems to be in

I've always had a great sense of how Jesse Ventura thinks. The latet news about todays meeting (of which I have no inside information) clearly indicates he is in. There are no indications that the 24% poll #'s are his max it may remain stable and possibly fade late but the level of support can only go up, and upon announcement he should be right around 30.

People do despise Ventura, any great leader will have that, but that group is more vocal then powerful especially in a three way race. And if you look to the blogs for Ventura analysis you won't get anything worthwhile as all the major bloggers don't understand Ventura's 98 victory or how to read current polls in an intelligent mannor.

The biggest news from today is that Ventura may be willing to allow fundraising to go as high as the people take it, which means he may very well raise a few million allowing him to completly overshadow with his media advantage.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jesse running away with things

Listening to the radio and reading things on the Internet it is very clear the public is excited to support Jesse Venturas US Senate campaign. Whats more is the Democrats and Republicans think they got him on this 9-11 thing as they pass along lies about what exactly he thinks. Unfortunately for them they don't realize Jesse will get the media access to put the burden on them. So again despite having Jesse lined up in their sights they will in essence completely ignore him. They also foolishly are looking at things in a majority view rather then the reality is the candidate that gets 40% in this race wins going away.

Bloombergs coming to town the 25th to throw some cash (and credible support) his way. Frankens campaign will basically be over a week from today, leaving Jesse to pick away at Coleman as he did in 98.

Jesse is what he always has been a fiscal Conservative (and yes you can occasionally support transportation and still be Conservative) and social liberal. He is what many Minnesotans want, and someone several others are willing to support out of protest.

If Jesse wins by only 5% I will be shocked!

See you later Norm, nice try Al.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Candidate Filing

So far three candidates have filed for office. Of course that jackass Bill Dahn filed for US Senate, and of course will be blown away by Stephen Williams and Jesse Ventura in the primary. The most active IP campaigner thus far David Dillon has filed for the 3rd congressional seat, and Paul Gaston has filed for state house seat 54B.

The key questions I have are will we see a candidate in the 5th congressional district of course will Jesse run and probbly most importantly if Jesse does file the 15th will he bring anyone with him. Then of course we have the question of how many total candidates and how many quality candidates will we see. Monday is a big day in answering the #'s question as it is the first post holiday filing day meaning a good portion of all filing should take place.