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Monday, July 21, 2008

Robert Fitzgerald website up

2006 Independence Party US Senate candidate Robert Fitzgerald is running an active campaign this time looking to knock off Al Franken in the DFL primary. Already Fitzgerald has a clear edge in terms of ability to pay his taxes, but the competition goes beyond just the untested Franken.

While I want to vote in the Independence Primary Fitzgerald with his decision to run DFL might present the best hope. I was kind of hoping Dean Barkley would have ran in the DFL primary if for no other reason to send the DFL the message that candidates that can't follow the law (Ellison, Entenza, Franken) have no right to major political office.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Robert Fitzgerald. I see he moved from one party to the next. He did the same 2 years ago. Just didn't do well. I thought that him being young would get out the vote of the young but that didn't happen. I don't think it will happen for him this time. Robert, I think maybe you should run for an office within the state. I believe that you would do a better job for Minnesota in that respect but would be great to see you knock of Franken.


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