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Friday, July 18, 2008

Independence Party primary tracker

I'll try to do these every time we see movement

Of course Stephen Williams has the endorsement which to some primary voters will be all that matters, so he can sort of be considered the bar setter, although it is would not be a shock to see one of the four lesser known candidates take him out of the top three.

Tuesday the media more or less gave the Independence Party ballot slot to Dean Barkley, but with the release of Jack Uldrich's web ad I have to think among those that come September will vote Independence Party it's really close between the two candidates. Barkley has not had a chance to pull ahead fundraising so if Uldrich can build off his first ad he has a great opportunity to pull ahead.

If the election was held today my best guess is Barkley would edge out Uldrich something along the lines of 42% to 35% Stephen Williams finishing 3rd with around 10%.

Estimated turnout 15,200 (2006 US Senate Primary turnout 10,695 with Governor primary being a key factor)


Blogger Jack said...


Thanks for the plugs. As you know, I'm going to rely on the Internet heavily. I encourage you to stay abreast of how my campaign gets covered.

To this end, check out this coverage: http://memebox.com/futureblogger/show/707-best-selling-futurist-to-run-for-u-s-senate

My message is going to resonate well beyond Minnesota.



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