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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Website is up


Still in development but the must important parts of a campaign site are already up, fundraising and volunteer sign up.


Blogger The Father of Five said...

I voted Wellstone in 1990 (hey.. I was still in College)

And although I always felt he was a true and honest guy, and a straight shooter, I had my fill of partisan politics, and made my first 3rd Party Vote in 1996 for Dean.

I have been a proponent of 3rd party candidates ever since. I usually vote Independence or Libertarian.

I was disappointed to hear about Ventura's decision, but excited to hear that Barkley was running again!

I look forward to hearing his stand on the important points!

Thanks for a great blog! I'll be back!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to donate some cash to the campaign but noticed that it didn't appear to be a secure donation meaning that little yellow lock icon wasn't appearing on the webpage for the donation. I didn't donate for that reason. Also no email to the website webmaster to notify them or Dean Barkley. I wish them luck in the campaign as I will not vote for either of the two major party candidates so go Barkley and other independents. CD


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