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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How to get involved

At this point those still commited to finishing what Ventura started should contact the party.

Website www.mnip.org
Phone (651)487-9700
Office: Located at 2486 University Ave W, where I-94 crosses University Ave in Saint Paul

More details on Barkleys campaign will come in the next few days.


Anonymous Patrick Black said...

so we should support a guy who chose to run for Senate because his other job didn't work out? Oh, and, because he thinks it's an easier job than governor? No candidate is any good, esp. some Independent candidate who doesn't care about Minnesota.

Blogger mike said...

His other job didn't work out because he relized he couldn't balance a Senate campaign either his or Ventura's and his other job. Unlike Norm Coleman he's not allowed to run while on the taxpayers dime.

As for why I support him it's simple he's the only fiscal conservitive in the race.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't vote for Norm if he were the only one running for city dog catcher. He is of no politcal value to me.
Where did I hear that before? Oh, was said to me about my girlfriend about an immigration issue. I bet Norm would have listend more intently if my check book were open. Too bad I didn't get that on a recording. He can deny this was said.


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