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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dean Barkley on Almanac

Dean Barkley will be appearing on Twin Cities Public Television's "Almanac" Friday night. This will be his first major opportunity to get his message out, hopefully he can take advantage and put some forward momentum into his campaign. I'm looking forward to the first blog postings regarding Barkley since the first few days following filing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have met Dean several times. I know he was a Senator for a short time but at least that is a little more than Al Franken. Dean will bring a little more to the office. He will bring common sense. He will not be taking bribes or PAC money, that I heard anyway. The biggest obstacle is the political machine that is in place. You should already be able to notice that these two yo-yo's will be listening to big money over the common man/woman. Getting what is needed to be taken care of is what his agenda is. So what if he was a bus driver. That should get people to think that he will be more for you and I than the other two.
Also. Has anyone talked about David Dillon over in CD 3? I know him as well. Great guy with great ideas. Just low on cash.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tuned in to Almanac to hear more about Dean - but was stunned and disappointed to hear that his major legislative platform is to lower the drinking age to 18. What's up with that? Don't we have mor pressing issues in this country?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too watched Almanac and was really impressed with Jack Uldrich he seems to understand what is important - he definately has my vote.


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