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Sunday, July 13, 2008


As the reports on Jesse Ventura continue many pundits and media members continue to pathetically discuss who he might hurt more Norm Coleman or Al Franken. The only intelligent answer is whoever wants the job more, as Jesse has a chance to win and thus decreases both his opponents chances at winning.

When a candidate is polling in the mid 20's and can reasonably assume a sizable bounce by entering the race the question is can he win and what will it take. Every poll I've seen thus far has the same candidate leading Norm Coleman, every election Ventura has participated in has had the same candidate winning. Al Franken is going to lose and always was, he doesn't know how to pay his taxes and in the end that will always matter.

It is clear the pundits bias is overwhelming their judgement, but then again if you either don't know what your talking about, or refuse to talk about what you know you can hardly be considered anything but a two party pundit who is out of their realm when dealing with anything else.

Quick update, I have still received no indication that Jesse will not run. It's been my belief for the last few weeks that Jesse was already organizing a campaign team. I would expect within minutes of his announcement the website will be up and fundraising will begin. While he says he will not spend over $1 million he can't stop money from coming in, he can only return it in the end, I think he can outraise Norm and Al combined from here on out.

It's called a money bomb and Ron Paul perfected it. Let the Ron Paul revolution continue.


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