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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jesse running away with things

Listening to the radio and reading things on the Internet it is very clear the public is excited to support Jesse Venturas US Senate campaign. Whats more is the Democrats and Republicans think they got him on this 9-11 thing as they pass along lies about what exactly he thinks. Unfortunately for them they don't realize Jesse will get the media access to put the burden on them. So again despite having Jesse lined up in their sights they will in essence completely ignore him. They also foolishly are looking at things in a majority view rather then the reality is the candidate that gets 40% in this race wins going away.

Bloombergs coming to town the 25th to throw some cash (and credible support) his way. Frankens campaign will basically be over a week from today, leaving Jesse to pick away at Coleman as he did in 98.

Jesse is what he always has been a fiscal Conservative (and yes you can occasionally support transportation and still be Conservative) and social liberal. He is what many Minnesotans want, and someone several others are willing to support out of protest.

If Jesse wins by only 5% I will be shocked!

See you later Norm, nice try Al.


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