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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What the hell is wrong with my country?

Earlier this week it perfectly clear to me that Barack Obama is either a hateful person, or loyal to a pathetic fault either of which make him unqualified for the office he seeks, and undeserving of the office he holds. But hey he delivered one heck of a speech, while a speech of that kind can be part of leadership I have yet to see Barack act on any the things he says. People on the street have done more for many of the causes Barack speaks to in otheUS Senator Barack Obama. Leading requires action and all I know about Barack Obama is a great speaker, or in other words would make a great salesman even if he's not offering a quality product.
Why the heck is everyone ignoring his complete lack of a meaningful record? Why is every
problem solved because he gave a nice speech. In the aftermath of 9-11 George Bush delivered a great speech about what he was gonna do about it, and regardless of the debate on the effort to get those responsible, we can all agree the speech itself accomplished nothing. Barack Obama is by far the least qualified candidate who has made it this far in my lifetime. Talk is cheap but apparently the standard for most Americans votes is so low nobody cares.


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