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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

My last night as a Republican

Great news Minnesota Republicans have decided they need to do better then Alan Fine if they want to defeat Keith Ellison who still doesn't deserve to represent me in congress. Unfortunately 5th district Republicans think they can fool the voters into voting in an extreme social conservative in Barb White. Running Barb White might actually be a good move for party building, but they fail me when they lie and say they're trying to defeat Keith Ellison. I'm convinced a fiscal Conservative who supports gay rights could give Ellison a run for their money unfortunately if that candidate wants to run the Republican party has blocked the path. I was ashamed to be a Republican delegate tonight. I might be able to deal with the gay bashing a bible thumping if they at least got it right on taxes and fiscal matters, but when Ron Carey talks about $11 million spent at the zoo despite that he supports a billion stadium dollars of support from Pawlenty I know that the Republican party is not ready for me, because fiscal conservatism can't be half assed, and that starts with knowing the role of government.

Having not been elected delegate to the state or congressional level tonight to continue to support and any other true fiscal conservitives. I can proudly say I did everything I could this cycle to bring the Republican party where it needs to be. I might very well vote for John McCain especially if the Democrats endorse Obama, but at this point I think there about as far away from representing me as the Democrats.


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