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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Will Bloomberg still run?

The speculation has been a McCain and to some extent Obama nomination would lead to Michael Bloomberg sitting this race out, however as the time for a decision nears and it is likely McCain will win the Republican nomination Bloomberg is still looking to jump in. An official yes or no announcment should happen in the next two weeks with ballot access work needing to take place now.

I would prefer Bloomberg over McCain even though they seem like the same candidate with the exception of the Iraq war. Unfortanatly I can't say he's the right candidate at the right time, he's simply better then the average Democrat and Republican running for an office which usually leads us to a better then average Democrat or Republican.

While I still hold out hope Huckebee will win the Republican nomination as John McCain feels like the Republicans version of John Kerry, settling for a candidate that they don't like all that much because he seems to be more electable. Huckebee on the other hand is more likable, honest, and he's for a national sales tax which to me is the most important issue. Not to mention Huckebee opens up a little more room for Bloomberg, and despite the fact Bloombergs potential run probably will be historically meaningless it's never a bad thing for more Americans to consider and vote for a non Democrat or Republican option.


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