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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fire Brad Childress

Granted the Minnesota Vikings probably did score 2 TD's today which based on the Chiefs 13 points should have produced a victory there is no excuse for the final drives down 3 points in the 4th quarter. It is clear that we have no back up QB options, but that's OK because we do have an elite running back, and amazingly when we decide to hand off to our best running back the offense does work, so why in the 4th quarter do we think a horrible at best quarterback will be able to pass to mediocre at best receivers. This may not be a great team but it does have playoff talent if the coach knows how to manage a game. Mike Tice was horrible Dennis Green was stupid, but the NFL shouldn't have room for people as incompetent as Brad Childress.


Blogger Marcus said...

Can you believe how slow the "hurry up" offense was on the last drive? They looked lazy, slow and as if they didn't care.


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