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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Independence Party, 3rd Congressional District?

While the candidates on the Republican and Democrat side are already getting active, I have yet to hear word of anyone looking at running with the Independence Party. I would still imagine a capable candidate will emerge fairly soon, but unlike the Democrats and Republicans who are all active politicians that are looking to step up to a higher level chances are an Independence Party candidate will come from the outside making the decision to run more difficult and the ease of transitioning into a candidate for congress more time consuming.

I don't know what kind of opportunity exist here should an Independence Party candidate along the lines of Peter Hutchinson or Tammy Lee emerge. I'm not so sure an Independence Party candidate will change the game much for the Democrats and Republicans, my best guess is a good candidate gets 8-10% and both the Democrats and Republicans choose moderate candidates along the lines of Ramstad.


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