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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What is a fiscal conservative social liberal to do

The easy choice for a fiscal Conservative social liberal in the 2008 presidential election would be Michael Bloomberg, or Ron Paul depending on a few issues. Unfortunately Paul is a long shot at best for the Republican nomination, even though if all his supporters did participate in the Republican process he might just win. Maybe he will be just competitive enough in the early states that his supporters will be motivated in the later states, and at least split the vote enough that it's up in the air going into the convention with Ron Paul being a factor in that. Bloomberg of course isn't even running yet and right now it's about 50-50 at best that he does jump in. Like Raul he has enough support that some people will have hope, but probably doesn't have the ability to put it over the top.

If we decide that neither Paul or Bloomberg won't win then of the other options it's easy to first rule Barack Obama and John Edwards, and while I don't think I want Hillary Clinton she is the closest thing to a safe Democrat should a real fiscal Conservative not make it, although I would feel a lot better if instead of Hillary it was Bill Clinton. Some would say Rudy Gulianni is the best bet for true fiscal Conservative social liberal voters although given his stance on the war he could otherwise be the most fiscal Conservative of the bunch and still outspend every other candidate including a John Edwards. I think the other Republicans are at least reasonable on the war and would end it early on in their term, with the safest bet among the front runners being Fred Thomson. Problem is if your a social liberal Fred Thomson is not your man, to that I say who cares, Republicans talk and talk and talk about social issues, but they never do anything on them and given the current makeup of congress the chances of them starting to do anything are slim. I don't by any means endorse Fred Thomson, but of all the front runners I would feel best with him.


Blogger Pablo said...

"Republicans talk and talk and talk about social issues, but they never do anything on them and given the current makeup of congress the chances of them starting to do anything are slim."

Totally, because Bush's supreme court appointments won't have any effect on social issues.

You are rediculous. Talking about "safe" democrats regarding fiscal conservatism while the most fiscally un-conservative right wing hero sits in the whitehouse smacks of IOKIYAR.

Where have you been the last 6 years?

Blogger mike said...

The supreme court only comes into play if we elect politicians that want to change the law, and at that point the only thing of significance the court can do is overturn legislation that is unconstitutional. If the court will always favor the right's social agenda, if we are aware of who we are electing they will never come into play.

Sorry but I'm not going to run in the corner and like a coward and hide because the courts might agree with the politians that we haven't elected. Not every political figure is pure evil, or if they are then do something about it other then spew BS about how the courts are gonna get us when they have next to no power.


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