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Monday, September 03, 2007

Last day of summer!!!

It's time for school buses, the occasional college football game, and in a few short weeks hockey good TV and playoff baseball. And hey as summer ends a few more people are going to start to pay attention to politics and the 2008 elections. I really wish I could say I knew I would have a candidate worth supporting for something in 08, but at this point Ron Paul is about the best I can do, and Michael Bloomberg remains the only realistic hope otherwise.

Still it will be fun to see what will happen with Al Franken, how long Republicans will continue to support their John Kerry, Rudy Guliani? What will happen with Fred Thomson? Is this Ron Paul cult like support anything more then good fun with a tiny bit of hope or is it something that resembles a movement the same way the Green party represents something of a movement? But the most important questions that will be answered before kids are back out of school for the summer is how good will the St Cloud State hockey team be, and will the Minnesota Wild still have a few more games left to play in the Stanley Cup playoffs?


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