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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Michael Bloomberg can't win

And thus he will not run for president according to news reports today. It leaves a huge void for those of us looking for a viable alternitive. Unfortanatly much like Tim Penny or Peter Hutchinson Bloomberg is not exciting nor does he talk about the issues that will excite the base that voted for Ross Perot or Jesse Ventura.

Had he run I would have done as much as I could for him, but the truth is I would do so knowing he was not ever going to hit the widespread support that gives him a chance. I had predicted him at 15% and stand by that prediction, but the room for growth did not exist. The truth is the only reason Bloomberg excited me was because he had meaningful status and money.

Unity08 is still out there so maybe they are an option, but they don't seem to understand that we are looking for a candidate that has strong fiscal conservitive values that they proudly express at every oppurtunity. So I'm left probably voting Libertarian again wishing that I could vote for a candidate who gets over 1% at some point.

Heres hoping Minnesota's Independence Party has a plan, but at this point it is more and more likely that the Independence Party is dead despite the golden oppurtunity Tim Penny was given by Jesse Ventura in 2002.


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