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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Reason #2 why Ron Carey and the Republicans shouldn't hate instant run off voting

Imagine if a David Strom or Michele Bachmann type ran for mayor of Minneapolis, that's right they would lose, but they would also draw Conservatives to the voting booth, where their votes can be filtered down to the typical candidate the Republican party is willing to stamp their seal of approval on. While the Republican party triesto spin IRV as a means to vote for somebody you don't want to support, it is actually a way to vote only for candidates you support strongly. Just like our current system sometimes you vote for a candidate that loses, and when a candidate loses it's because they didn't get as many votes as the other candidate or candidates, there is nothing unfair about that.

IRV simply increases the chances that a candidate who closely matches the views of the voters will be elected, and in Minneapolis I'm convinced we would get elected officials a little more to the right of those that get elected under the current system.


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