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Monday, July 16, 2007

It's time to stand up for the tax payers and principal again

Tim Penny and Peter Hutchinson have given the Independence Party the image of a fiscally left party. Neither did a good job of presenting themselves as strong watchdogs of our money despite the fact that they both have a good track record in that respect. The problem was as candidates they made it a priority of displaying their plans rather then principal.

About two years ago Tim Penny was focused in on the social security making strong statements about the action congress and the president needed to make. In fact Penny was mentioned in president Bush state of the union for his work on the issue. Since then 2 years have passed the Democrats continue to keep their heads in the sand and while the Republicans no longer have the ability to get anything done they sat on their hands on the issue, Tim Penny and the Independence Party should be getting louder by the day on the issue, while keeping her stance on the issue very quite in her race for Congress Tammy Lee along with all other IP Federal candidates was in favor of a consumption tax rather then an income tax. In large #'s Independence Party candidates understand the implications of minimum wage laws and are willing to vote in a manor that has everything to do with reality and nothing to do with politics unlike many Republicans.

While aligning ourselves closely with the tax payers league may lose some support it will give people something to identify the party with and a reason to consider the Independence Party from day one rather then only when polls indicate our candidate can win. Jesse Ventura won and while it is true he closed the election with college kids and others deciding why the heck not he was in position to make those votes matter because he won over enough people on the issues, he won them over by saying no tax payer dollars for stadiums, he won them over by saying it's time to stop giving schools handouts with no question's asked and he won them over by making it clear he knew who's money was on the line. This party only succeeds when it chases people in from the fiscally Conservative side. It's time to regain the image that gave this party success. When it wants to be the Independence Party is Minnesota's only fiscally Conservative party, and despite the fact that Minnesota is more of a Democrat then Republican state I think Minnesotans are more fiscally conservatives then not.


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