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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A few things

It appears John McCains run for president is as good as over as he has no money or staff. Just another example of what happens when a noble politician gains to much experience and starts playing political games. In 2000 he was the best man to lead this country, today while he still might vote in the direction I would like more often then most I can't trust him to ever make the right vote when it matters. This of course was a predictable result which makes you ask the question why did Tim Pawlenty get involved. He seemingly gained no national credibility as a result, he didn't put himself in position to become a VP candidate and he didn't do anything to improve his image in Minnesota. I have to wonder if he didn't realize where McCains campaign would end. If that's the case I take back everything I've ever said about Tim Pawlenty the politician, and the idea that he has a future in the White House.

Cindy Sheehan (sorry I don't care if I spelled her name right or not) has decided to take on Nancy Pelosi if Bush is not impeached unfortunately she will run as an independent and not a Green which will lead to some unneeded confusion for both Bloomberg's independent run and the Independence Party. Cindy needs to deal with reality although the Democrats won't put all their political capital into ending the war they've examined what they can do and it's simply up to Bush and the Republicans until the #'s change. I don't really see Sheehan as a competitive candidate even in that district, but hey more power to her even if the net effect of her eliminating Palosi for the anti war movement is probably negative

And finally Tammy Lee and the Independence party are hosting an event examining the effect a Michael Bloomberg run for president would have on the Independence Party in Minnesota. Tammy has been to New York meeting with some involved in the Bloomberg effort and is heavily involved in candidate recruitment here. She might be able to provide details on why we should have hope at a state level in 2008.


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