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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Start at the bottom?

A strong and to some extent valid criticism of the Independence Party is they seek out the highest office while not having many credible candidates for lower office. The truth is city councils and mayor offices are filled with Independence type people, and it only matters if they get on board should they seek partisan office, but at the state House level the Independence Party needs more.

So how does it happen in light of the fact that it didn't happen even with a governor, or a highly respected candidates for Governor? I think the possibility exists if we can go into an election where everyone knows we will win at least one seat. There are two ways for this to happen one find ourselves at the end of the filing period with no opposition. This of course does no good as the opportunity for other credible candidates to jump in is gone as soon as this information is available. The other possibility is for someone like Tim Penny (oh fine Tim Penny seems to be the only option) to run for State House. While I don't know that he would be a sure thing, he would bring forward enough optimism to get other potential candidates to realize if they win it is probable Penny would win as well, and they actually would have someone to work with.

It's easier for the media, the potential candidates, and the voters to think hey you know this Independence Party might win 2 or 3 seats if they know where the first one will come from. Likewise it's easier for them to see the Independence Party winning 5-8 if they can see where the 2nd and 3rd will come from. So while a Michael Bloomberg presidential campaign will help, and a Tim Penny US Senate campaign would also help, the best thing that could happen for this party in 08' would be for Tim Penny to run for his local state house seat. At that point the Independence City council and mayor members might start to creep up from the bottom and rise towards the top.


Blogger Chris Truscott said...

Good post. Just a few thoughts...

Imagine if R. Fitzgerald or J. Binkowski were running in districts where they could knock on every door....they'd do very well.

Small-town media is also much more likely to give IP candidates attention because they're local residents.

I think you all should also get into the game of endorsing candidates in every race where the IP has a local presence. If you don't have a candidate, you can still be a very influential voice.


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