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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Does the media want Bloomberg?

I've overlooked the thought that the media might actually decide to push a Michael Bloomberg independent run for president, as it is not typical for the media to push third party candidates. Then I saw him on the cover of Time yesterday and relized what I've known to be typical doesn't necessarily have to be true all the time.

There are a lot of reasons the media would want a strong Bloomberg campaign, not the least of which is revenue. The Networks will be eager to take his money and give him an hour in prime time over airing another lower tier reality show late next summer. Then you have the aspect of something a little more exciting to cover for the Chris Mathews of the world to scream about.

We've seen articles of the timing being right for an independent candidate in 08' here and there. The thought being that the American people are ready for it, and while that may be true the real key would be the media being ready for it.

Mayor Bloomberg stikes me as just another Peter Hutchinson as far as getting the people behind him, he will excite and encourage a lot of people but in the end it will take something more to be competitive or even win. His money will give him a good head start, but that something more is going to have to be the media, after all the media is America's third major party, and maybe this time around they want to win.


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