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Friday, June 15, 2007

How strong (dead) is the Independence Party?

If you simply look at the #'s and history of 3rd party's it's very safe to assume the 2006 elections were the death blow to the Independence Party. The leaders in the Democrat, Republican and Media parties know without a shadow of a doubt that the Independence Party is dead.

So how dead is the Independence Party? So dead that some Schmuck named McBroom who plans on changing his name to Wellstone is the Independence Party's version of Pat Buchanan? So dead that the vampire might be a local legislative candidate? So dead that almost nobody remains active and the party is now being ran out of some guys basement? The answer to all those questions is no, noer, and hell no.

The Independence Party in all behind the scenes aspects is far and away at an all time high. I'm sure a lot of readers of this blog think Tammy Lee's could best help this party by running for US Senate, but the reality is she is probably doing more for this party in fundraising candidate recruitment and communications then any campaign could have done. Peter Hutchinson and his high level staffers are filling the major roles in party leadership, while former party leaders continue to take on their old roles. Fundraising is finally above basic operations levels, and the 2008 elections both locally at the Federal Level and even at the presidential level are true focuses.

There still are areas where this party needs major improvement, it still needs to spread it's wings beyond the metro area, it still has to create and maintain more on the ground activist, and it still has to find a lot of high level candidates, but these are all things that were true the year before and the day after Jesse Ventura was elected.

A strong presidential campaign, even one that falls way short will do huge things for the Independence Party and the 3rd Party movement as a whole nationwide. Peter Hutchinsons 6% and Tammy Lee's 3rd place finish did more for this party then a Jesse Ventura victory. A Michael Bloomberg 6% will do much more then a Peter Hutchinson 6%.


Blogger Chris Truscott said...

You guys need to put a renewed focus on legislative candidates. Build from the bottom up. It gives gubernatorial candidates something to work with -- as opposed to reinventing the wheel every four years.

Blogger mike said...

Your completly right, but two problems exist, first coming up with anywhere near 68 candidates for state house for example is really really hard when there is no high level candidate and orginization inspiring quality people to make the sacrifice and run. and 2nd no matter how great a candidate you have for local office very few voters care, the rest vote for whatever party they vote in the highest level race.

The bottom line, with rare exception if you can win at the bottom you will win at the top so why settle for the bottom.

There are a few exceptions, for example Tim Penny would have a great chance of winning locally but has no shot state wide, but for the most part your better off running state wide cause people will pay attention.

The key is to get 40+ quality candidates so their isn't room for all of them at the top and the media might pay a little attention given the strong #'s.

Blogger broom4senate said...

I here by thank the DFL party for allowing me to win the 2008 U.S. Senate race. Al is running for "Paul's seat" thats all fine and dandy Al, but a vote for you does not give Paul Wellstone justice. I am the only person who can defeat Norm. In addition to reforming prescription drugs among other things. Looks like the I.P. will come out victorious!

Blogger broom4senate said...

Im just sitting back here with one big smile on my face. I do not plan on being the guy who gets 1 to 7% of the vote. I would not waste my time. Should Mr. Grimes have any free time in the future, I would be more than happy to do lunch. After that it wouldn't surprise me if Mike Grimes became a Broom supporter. If nothing else maybe I would at least get the self respect of being called Mr. Schmuck out of Mr. Grimes.

Blogger broom4senate said...

Hey Mike-
Just minutes ago I got word from the I.P. that they will most likely not be endorsing anyone, do to the fact that as of now they see no candidate that could draw 35% of they vote. I thanked them for not wasting my time. So is it over for me before it started? HELL NO! Now I just work smarter and harder as a write in candidate under the name Wellstone. I know what it takes to win an election. I will keep you posted. Even while tearing me apart, you still gave me the dignity of having a chance, and I respect you for that....In case your wondering, I still have a smile on my face, and I still plan on getting over 10% of the vote.

Blogger broom4senate said...

The I.P. has just been put on notice that I will stick around and enjoy due process of elimination. No endorsement from the I.P. would be troubling. The I.P. is not dead and will rise to the challenge.

Should the I.P. eventually feel they have a winner other than myself, I will enjoy debating that gentleman/ladie.

There are only two choices in the 2008 U.S. Senate race in Minnesota.
#1 James Broom Wellstone
#2 Pharmacuetical Industry

Blogger Honeydog said...

James Broom Wellstone is a nutjob who is pushing the idea that Paul Wellstone was killed by the RNC. As evidence, he uses Prof Fitzer's YouTube video. Too bad that video has some obvious errors, like saying that jet fuel burns black, then showing a picture of a twin prop Beechcraft airplane (which is what Wellstone used). Prop planes use AvGas, not jet fuel.

Broom Wellstone also mocks other people. For instance, in another blog, he posted numerous comments using the handle HONEYDOG IS A GAY NAME. That makes him just like Fred Phelps.


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