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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Where is the libertarian party?

I know the difficulty of making an impact even in the position of the dominant third party in Minnesota, but the beauty of being a minor party is that you can stand by your principals and be outspoken. The Minnesota Libertarian Party allowed Sue Jeffers to hijack their resources in the last election, but this party should be making noise from time to time, sure they don't have the organization of even the Independence or Green Parties but out in the public they do have a lot of passionate support on the issues. In 1998 they seemed to step aside for Jesse Ventura, and have never came back to challenge for the dominate party status even with less libertarians-like candidates from the Independence Party in recent years. It almost seems as though they have been sucked into the Republican Party as voiceless lost souls, and don't realize the power in the Republican Party considers them a joke.

With the smoking ban and the gutless spending increases that Pawlenty and the Democrats have given us it is clear that those of us that are real fiscal conservatives need a voice, despite the movement away from Jesse Ventura in the Independence Party it is clear that the Independence Party is still the party that can best represent those of us looking for smaller government in Minnesota.


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