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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The party of Ventura?

While the Independence party continues to embrace Ventura any time he makes himself available. It feels as if they boldness of Ventura is gone, and the commitment to in your face politics is gone. This is now the party of Peter Hutchinson and although he is similar to Ventura in more respects then any Democrat or Republican he and his message are unable to convince the public that the Independence Party is a change agent.

The result is that nobody cares about the Independence Party. It used to be when the Independence Party had a convention you could at least expect an article talking about the fact the Independence Party is a non factor, now the best they did was one blog post That can all be just fine, in a few months if the right candidate were to step forward for US Senate people will take the party as serious as they ever have, but without boldness we will be left with competent candidates doing just as well as fools using the Independence Party ballot line.

Of course with Ventura you never know he might just jump into the presidential race at the last minute, or maybe he will get sick of Al Franken's BS and end force the Democrats to get serious or finish 3rd. If that happens I'm sure the party of Peter Hutchinson will be ready and willing to support that effort.


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