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Monday, February 19, 2007

Hey Democrats?

What was this I was hearing about Democrats being in favor of Instant Run off Elections in November? As we all know all Democrats feel Peter Hutchinson votes belonged to Mike Hatch. Hutchinson in essence got in the way of the Democrats plan to take down Tim Pawlenty, and they were gonna stick it to Hutchinson and the Independence Party by pushing for instant run off voting.

I haven't heared a word about the subject from Democrats since. Why? It seems to me the only time Democrats are in favor of it is when they are challanged by the likes of Peter Hutchinson, and want to lay a claim on his support. So the question has to be what are they afraid of? Do they truly believe the voters would not select them as their first choice if the voters had the security of knowing an Independence vote would never benifit the candidate they most dislike


Blogger Sank said...

They are way to busy these days destroying the support they earned in the election. They've mis-interpreted their victory to mean people want our old-school tax and spend, waste time legislation instead of reading the real message- This electorate hates George Bush and all Republicans like a preacher hates the devil.
Sad, they're out of office in two years. AND we're going to have to listen to ads with Al Frankin...

The opportunity for the IP is growing more ripe every day!


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