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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Al Franken is in

It appears Al Franken is now officially a candidate for Norm Colemans US Senate seat. Not mcuh of a shocker, but it's a the most significant announcment we've seen thus far including those announcing for president. This will trigger a few things first of all a lot of qualified DFLers will now decide not to run, and this will motivate the more DFL like Independence party candidates to jump in. Hell it may even draw a moderate DFLer in with the Independence Party similar to Tammy Lee who no doubt will work her connections to try to find a candidate. And while I stated yesterday I don't see Tammy Lee running in this race Frankens pressence in the race might make her and others to think longer and harder about running.

One things for certain like him or hate him Al Franken is no Jesse Ventura. And no matter what the national media and late night shows say we will not treat Al Franken anywhere near the same as we treated Jesse Ventura both in the early positive days, and the later negative days.


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