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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Is it just me?

Or does it feel like Tim Pawlenty has completely converted himself into Peter Hutchinson? When Pawlenty used some of Hutchinson's lines on the campaign trail I figured he was just stealing a some good material, but now he continues to use that same Hutchinson style today, and seems to only be concerned with the issues Peter Hutchinson discussed.

We shall see if he and the DLF can work together, for Pawlenty he has little power so he might as well act like an effective Governor, as opposed to an ineffective partisan.

By the way good to see Mike Hatch addiction to taxpayer paychecks will continue. I was convinced I did my part to fire him, unfortunately I didn't realize how weak minded Lori Swanson is. Maybe Glen Mason could follow Hatch's lead and become an assistant coach for the Gophers too.


Blogger San Soucri said...

Tim Pawlenty is going to bend at every impass to please those in charge...The DFL.

He knows he is not top dog anymore. He is the last Republican in Minnesota...

He is also running for Vice-President.

Blogger mike said...

I highly doubt Pawlenty is our last Republican. The actions of Lori Swanson and Mike Hatch are the first of many abuses of power the Democrats will eventually be held accountable. Minnesota is a Democrat state but not by a wide margain, they can't get away with much without the voters taking them out as they did in 2002.

Blogger San Soucri said...

By Last I mean he is the only 1 currently in power.

All other offices and branches of Government in Minnesota are in the hands of the DFL.

Of course there will be more Republicans in the Governors office. The last time Democrats held the office was nearly 20 years ago.


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