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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Democrats are partisan?

Shocking to see that the Democrat majorities are shutting out Republicans in areas they disagree isn't it? Didn't they run on the idea of compramise and getting along? We've tried Democrats over and over again and we always get the same results, it's to bad the hatred of Bush was converted into votes for Democrats, rather then real change.


Blogger San Soucri said...

Shocked I am not.

In fact I welcome it. The more and more partisan the politics in the country gets, the better chance incumbants will be thrown out.

The Democrats need to get over the fact Bush is President, in 2 years he won't be anymore.

Republicans do deserve to be shut out of legislative neogitations. It is what they did to the Democrats, but now they cry foul?

Play fair and you are treated fair. What goes around comes around.


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