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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The long shots

Both Mike Gravel and Ron Paul are running borderline libertarian campaigns in parties that would rather not have their point of view included in the debate. Hearing these candidates out is important and ultimately should give us better results come November of 08, but lets remember it's the fault of the media when candidates like this aren't heard regardless of which party they run from. The Democrat and Republican party don't own our political process, we do not have a two party system.

So the question has to be asked is it good for libertarian thinkers or others who represent everything the Republican and Democrat parties are against when they run within one of those two parties? The answer can only be yes if they bring forward long term change within the party (not to be confused with changing the public opinion as a whole to the point that those parties adapt), or if they win the nomination. History tells us there is no chance whatsoever of either of those things happening.

They both are presenting their views in a way that members of the party they are running from will consider voting for them and they should both do decent in the primary process possibly even cracking double digits in most states, but the end result is no greater then sitting on the sidelines or running as a third party candidate.

The media has shaped the process in such a way that we no longer have primaries, or an open exchange of views. They pick 2 or 3 candidates from the Democrat and Republican party that have shown an ability to play the game the way those parties want and give everyone else a token interview or in a debate setting remember every once in a while to give the others a question. When even Bill Richardson is ignored we know our media has failed us. The Ron Paul's and Mike Gravel's of the world do need to create change from within our political systems major party, they need to find a way to change the media. I suppose it could happen as a result of running within the Democrat or Republican parties, but the only way it happens is if they recognize the problem and care enough to do something about it not just to the point where in the future the #8 Democrat or Republican candidates get better treatment, but to the point where endorsed candidates of credible third party candidates as well.

Chances are it won't be Gravel or Paul who make the biggest impact in changing the media this year, it will be your Libertarian, and Green candidate and possibly Mike Bloomberg. Of Course Bloomberg already has the media game down so chances are he won't notice the problem if and when he enters the race.


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