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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Major Party status, 08?

While the Independence Party earned major party status through the 2010 election cycle with Peter Hutchinson's fairing (assuming the current law remains unchanged) the 2008 election gives the Independence Party a chance to protect the status through the 2012 elections by achieving 5% in either the US Senate or Presidential election.

This is the first US Senate race in a year without a Governors election since Dean Barkley first reached the 5% threshhold in 96, so although the last two US Senate elections suggest it is a long shot, it may in reality be no more difficult then it has been in the past 3 Governor races. The presidential election however may be the easier race to achive as Minnesotans tend to look for a third option more so then anywhere else in the nation. If Mayor Bloomberg enters the race and uses the Independence Party ballot line in Minnesota I think it's safe to say the Independence Party will remain a major party at least until the laws are changed. The real question is would a Bloomberg run be powerful enough to push a Tim Penny or Jim Gibson to a competitive level in the US Senate race.


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