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Monday, June 04, 2007

This Broom intends to create McProblems

We've had bigger nutjobs then McBroom try to use the Independence Party ballot line in the past, but a halfway legitimate candidate who campaigned at all for the primary usually comes on top, the most notable exception being Peter Vento who did not campaign at all defeating then Maplewood mayor Bob Cardinal in the 2004 4th congressional district primary. Of course Vento had the same last name and in fact was the son of former congressman Bruce Vento.

According to Minnesota Democrats Exposed McBroom intends to change his last name to Wellstone, creating the exact senerio that Peter Vento created for Bob Cardinal. While there is little doubt any longer that Mcbroom, or Wellstone if he really thinks he's worthy of the name, has no chance of gaining the Independence Party endorsement it won't matter if he takes it to the primary. Even with a high profile widley respected candidate such as Tim Penny the Wellsone name would give McBroom a chance unless the endorsed candidate drives Independence Primary turnout to record levels.

The only good news is if we have to have this nut on the November ballot he would have a fighting chance to hit 5%, although I personally would say that if a guy like this can win your primary for the most significant race of the election cycle, it's pretty clear that you are no longer in any way a major party.

He creates a challange, and although I personally despise the primary process it's time that Independence Party supporters show up to the primary at least proportionally comparable to the a minumum 2% supporters, so there is no good reason we should not see at least 1-25th of the Democrat or Republican primary turnout.

Of course the other way to tackle this issue would be to get 4 or 5 other guys with the Wellstone last name to also run in the primary spliting the hey I've heared of Wellstone vote.


Blogger Chris Truscott said...

If you're old enough: Mike Wellstone.

Done deal.


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