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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

2008 US Senate predictions

This will be a little tough with no named Independence Party candidate, but what the heck.

Norm Coleman of course will be the Republican Candidate.

In the battle between Franken and Cirisi the Democrats are gonna get caught in a trap as they think Franken can get a few extra votes simply because people knew who he was before he got political, in the mannor people voted for Jesse Ventura. It won't work and the Results come November will be bad, how bad really depends on how much momentum the Independence Party candidate can get.

Moving to the Independence Party there are as of yet no candidates I've said there's a good chance Tim Penny or Jim Gibson would run, but I can't say that thats more then 50-50, so there's just as good of a chance it will be someone else which could be good or could be very bad.

For the sake of making a prediction based on more then just the status of the Party I will use Jim Gibson as the candidate for now, and thus my prediction is

Coleman 55%
Gibson 4%
Franken 40%
Other 1%


Blogger broom4senate said...

Broom 48%
Coleman 42%
Franken 8%
Other 2%

Blogger mike said...

Fair enough, so the question becomes what are you doing to convince Independence Party Delegates and/or Primary voters your the man to carry the parties messege to victory?

Blogger broom4senate said...

My statewide tour starts at the end of July, I anticipate spending at least 6weeks traveling the state looking people in the eye and answering any and all questions asked of me. As far as the I.P. Delegates are concerned I am available 24/7 to answer any questions or concern's. I also have assured the I.P. that I am not a bandwagon I.P. fan. It can be proved I was a Ventura supporter. I try to work with all parties, alot of the time thats the only way things can get done.(While still remembering who I am and who I represent) I have assured the I.P. that I expect to win. Regardless I will give it my all, its about that time. I have a firm belief I can out debate pretty much anyone. I have a gift which allows me to disect complex problems and fix them. I don't have all the answer's but I have quite a few. I have love for the I.P. and I would like to think the I.P has love for me. My exit strategy would be a write in vote "if" the I.P. felt that I could not complete the mission. That's up to the I.P. to decide. It would be an honor to get the endorsement though. Either way I'm running and since I will be honest, I've got got some pretty bold claims on my website that should get national attention.


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