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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dean Barkley

I'm a little late on this one, but it sounds as if the DFL is seriusly considering staying out of the 6th district race if Dean Barkley would run as an Independence candidate. The DFL hates Michele Bachmann (oddly enough they couldn't care less about gay rights), to the point where they would do just about anything. Barkley is a true fiscal conservitive which seemingly would chase an unenedorsed liberal to run with the DFL lable if this senerio played out, but Barkley would be a very strong candidate even without the DFL suggesting it might be a good idea to vote for him, and hey everyonce in a while you see nobody file for congressional races so if the DFL encourages nobody to file it might just be a 2 way race between Bachmann and Barkley. At that point the race is in Bachmanns favor but only by a small margain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think that Barkley will win as a independent candidate.


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