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Friday, July 06, 2007

The time is now

Being a part of party leadership in the past, I have to say I am very dissapointed that as far as I know nothing has changed for the Independence Party. The quality of people leading the party today is at all time high, but I question if the combenation of competence and experiance exists to create an enviorment that draws in good candidates, and goes above and beyond to make sure these candidates have well ran campaigns. We have 136 state house seats up for election in now only 16 months, and given the indications that the party does not intend to be a player in the US Senate race (which by the way might be a good decision as the money in that race could possibly make even a Tim Penny a 2 or 3% candidate) I would be hugely dissapointed with the Independence Party being represented by endorsed candidates in less then 50 of those races. Unfortanatly I would be hugly suprised if we have more then 30 candidates. The time for action is now, the Independence Party must do something to create an enviorment that draws in potential candidates, and while I'm sure some effort has been made toward targeted candidates they also need to do something to get those they aren't personally contacting to give it a run.

I've said it in the past and I'll say it again, the best thing that could possibly happen for this party heading toward the 2008 elections would be for Tim Penny to announce he is running for state house. The idea that the Independence Party has a candidate who would probably be the favorite to go to St Paul at this stage in the game would give the public the hope that this party still has life. You follow that up with some positive poll #'s for Bloomberg and you are back where you were the summer of 2002, but to rely on Bloomberg's possible success is asking for disaster. I know great things are going on behind the scenes, but now that I'm out of the loop on most of that stuff, I and the rest of the public needs to see it and we need to see it now, even those that aren't putting forth to much effort to find out information on the party's future.


Blogger Chris Truscott said...

Two, three or four State House members would give the IP momentum heading into 2010.

Also, should we (and we probably will) get back to a more closely divided House, the IP members could be serious players.


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