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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Trade Joe Mauer

Between Torii Hunter Justin Morneau Johan Santana and Joe Mauer I have to say I can live without Joe Mauer long term more so then the others. Joe Mauer is a great hitter, and a great catcher, but he can't put those two things together to be a great baseball player. And as odd as it might seem it appears Mauer likes Minnesota less then the other three despite being from here. Plus Mike Redmond is not nearly the drop off that we would see at pitcher with someone like Dave Gassner taking a spot or first with Garett Jones or Center where the drop off is so large I can't even name the guy who is most ready to take over. It's great to have a superstar at a weaker position like Catcher but if he can't single handily win us a playoff spot then you have to consider him just as much as anyone else.


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