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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Will Alan Fine run again?

Former Democrat, wannabe Independence Party candidate, and token Republican candidate for Congress Alan Fine has been seen making blog comments in regards to Keith Ellisons comments on 9-11 and Hitler-Bush comparisons. It is clear that Fine hates Keith Ellison and while politically the former Democrat might have a few disagreements with Ellison, and probably doesn't respect Ellison I fear that Alan Fine still think he is the guy to defeat Keith Ellison.

Leaving aside the fact that Alan Fine has limited ability to convey his political message, and has a multi party background that leaves the voter completely confused as to what Alan Fine would actually do if elected, Alan Fine is an unelectable candidate even if his politics clearly matched that of his district. While it might have been unfair for the media to report it his history with his ex wife that conduct will not be tolerated by the voters.

If the goal is to defeat Keith Ellison, as I, a lot of Democrats and non partisan Republicans (the partisan Republicans want Ellison in office as long as possible) would agree it should be then another Alan Fine run is the worst thing that could happen in the 5th district. While the 5th district leans hard to the left Fine and the rest of us that would like to see Ellison replaced have to remember that Ellison only recived 55% of the vote which means in a two person race if Ellison receives 6% less he's retired. That's a small enough margin that it could happen simply by increased pro opposition turnout, but assuming Ellison is again endorsed by the Democrats another Alan Fine run guarantees Keith Ellison's reelection. Where the candidate that can defeat Ellison will come from is unknown at this point (while it is known, but there's no indication Tammy Lee will run), but everyone in the district including Alan Fine's dog knows it's not him.

By the way the Alan Fine website can go ahead and quote or link to this post if they would like.


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