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Friday, August 03, 2007

It never ends

Well the idea of most people waiting for the bodies to be pulled out of the river for the politics to begin seems now like an irrational concept. Minnesota Republicans are going out of their way to point fingers at Democrats who answer media questions on things such as gas taxes. Talk radio has again gone on their mostly BS light rail rant, or on there lets cut programs to fix all the bridges rant.

And for what, the next election that can address any of these ideas is 15 months out. Then again the politicians right now seem like the sane one's and it doesn't appear to be an act. In the coming weeks and months we will find out what we have in Washington and St Paul. Maybe just maybe the concept of leadership among elected officials still exists, and maybe I should stay away from talk radio for a few days.

Of course tomorrow is Saturday so I'll have to examine just how bad the hate fest on the patriot 1280 gets. I sure hope all those self promoting morons are able to get in the name of their blogs every other sentence.


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