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Thursday, August 02, 2007

If a bridge falls into the river?

It amazes me how easily people make the collapse of the 35W bridge into a political event, as if to say certain politicians don't care about bridge safety. If someone screwed up to the level where they need to be held accountable it won't be a politician, and while it seems to be to late to save anyone else the focus should be on them and their families for a little while.

The political debate on this once the time becomes appropriate will not be about which political party will screw up less. It will be about what the real priorities of Minnesotans and Americans are, and whether or not leaders should worry about the political implications of putting there own informed set of priorities ahead of the public often uninformed set of priorities, which in many ways changed yesterday.

I've been very careful not to name a politician or for that matter a political party in this post, in events like that they are not significant other then the leadership they can provide.


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