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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Independence Party convention

After origianally beying postponed due to weather the Independence Party convention took place yesterday. Unfortanatly I was unable to attend although the key votes went the way I would hope. Those key decisions being on joining a national party and allowing for cross endorsement.

Not going in those two directions would be a sign that already very week party had no intention on regaining any streangth however those decisions still have a chance of backfiring. The national party is the Independence Party of Minnesota which at this point is simply the Independence Party of Minnesota and New York. Of course that is the same Independence Party that endorsed and given past financial support and current independent standing can claim New York mayor and potential presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg, whos candiacy would spark the party well beyond Minnesota and New York. That being said if Bloomberg does not run it would be sad to see the party forced to endorse a lesser candidate especially if John McCain (who I personally am done with) gains the Republican endorsment. And the Independence Party name is not exactly a good thing for a movement, when pundits can simply call them independent candidates no matter how well they do .

Cross Endorsement creates a real oppurtunity. Hopefully now that the party is at a virtuall non factor level any ego can be thrown out, and the focus can be on helping good candidates rather then earning credit. That being said this partys track record of endorsing the best possible candidates after Jesse Jesse Ventura is not horribly strong. I can give a pass on one major candidate of status, but it's beyond time this party figures out what kind of candidate they need and let those that don't fit that mold go in another direction. Hopefully cross endorsement will allow the party move beyond endorsing any moron who asks for it, but thats asking a lot.

One thing I did learn and with less then a year until election day I would say way to late, is that credible people still are willing to run as Independence candidates. The candidates I have seen seem to have credibe status although there is no indication they have any meaningful means of reciving more then 4% plus whatever a Bloomberg conection might give them.

Possibly the worst news is that there is no US Senate candidate despite the fact that there are people seeking it who well not bad people would be very bad for the party.


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